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  • 08 Nov

Here are a selection of customer and press reviews for Shincufflinks products we have received over the years. I have changed the names, but the text is exactly as received in feedback emails from happy customers. We have sold over 600 pairs of cufflinks since Christmas 2009, many to repeat customers.

Dura-Ace Bling Bling Cufflinks

Thanks for sending them out so quickly, I'd definately recommend your company to anybody else looking to buy bike chain cufflinks!

Adam, UK

Campagnolo Record Cufflinks

I picked them up from the post today. They are totally styling, I love them. Thanks so much for the follow up. Great doing business with you.

Mitch, USA

Dura-Ace Bling Bling Cufflinks

Thank you for that information, it turns out the postman decided not to leave a card for this parcel or another one that also arrived last week. I collected the cufflinks from the post office this morning and they look great.

Natalie, UK

Dura-Ace Cufflinks

Unless you’re a top racer, Shimano Dura-Ace components are on your bike for one reason — showing off. Now you can bring this same over-the-top exhibitionism to your sleeves, with these rather fetching Dura-Ace cufflinks, fashioned from links of the famed chains joined to sterling silver fasteners.

Wired magazine/gadgetlab

SRAM Antique Finish

I have been meaning to email to say thanks for the Sram cufflinks. They are a Christmas present for my husband who is an avid mountain biker - they look great and hope he likes them as much as I do. They are very unique and he loves having things that other people don't have. It's bound to gain me a few brownie points as I am not very enthusiastic about his mountain biking! Looking forward to seeing him open them!

Karen, UK

Dura-Ace Bling Bling Cufflinks

Thanks Dave. They have just arrived. They're fantastic!!! I'm really pleased.

Esther, UK

iPhone Button Cufflinks

I’ve always thought that elegance was all about the little details, like your choice of socks, the color of your suit’s inner lining, or what kind of cufflinks you’re wearing. Now for the stylish geek in you with a bit of cash to spare on fashion accessories, let me introduce you to the iPhone Style Cufflinks… These cufflinks are made from Rhodium plated brass and hand assembled into the geekiest cufflinks around.

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