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Adverts in British GQ

  • Category: News
  • Written by Dave Faulkner
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  • 20 Jun
GQ Advert Blog Photograph

At ShinyCufflinks we have been very lucky, in not having to spend an enormous ammount of money on advertising. Our bicycle chain cufflinks created such a buzz when we first brought them to market that they practically sold themselves. Well the glow of interest generated by our flagship product is fading slightly and we have had to delve into the expensive world of advertising. Don't get me wrong we have advertised in the past with varying levels of success, what makes the GQ adverts different is that they contacted us. Usually we have to work hard to advertise our products, distributing flyers or generating partnerships with other companies. Magazine advertising is somewhere we haven't ventured previously.

Advertising is strange, our customers are a mixture of impulse and considered purchasers. The impulse buyers are the easy sell, they see the cufflinks and are so excited by them they buy there and then. Considered buyers need to see our advertising message a number of times before they make a purchase. Sometimes the purchase may be some time after seeing the advert, when a birthday or retirement present triggerrs the purchase. How do you ensure (on a limited budget) that they still remember your product when considering what to buy? The answer is advertising campaigns, ideally campaigns need to run for between 3 and 6 magazine issues. The hope is that come Christmas (or whatever triggers a customer to think of a gift) they remember our advert and if possible still have it sitting on their coffee table to remind them of where to buy.

We deicided to go for 3 months of adverts and comissioned new product shots for the adverts. To help our cufflinks look extra shiny! OK it's a small (but not cheap) start, fingers crossed the ads will have the desired effect. Ads are running int the June to Sept issues of British GQ, so keep your eyes out for them. Maybe leave the page open on the coffee table, just in case your wife spots it ;-)

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